LECHUZA PON 2.7 US.dry.gal

The high-quality pure mineral plant substrate alternative to soil
Item No. 19562

LECHUZA PON 2.7 US.dry.gal

The high-quality pure mineral plant substrate alternative to soil
Item No. 19562
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LECHUZA-PON is the perfect alternative in places where conventional soil cannot or should not be used.

LECHUZA-PON Advantages

LECHUZA-PON is a perfect fit for all plants (even orchids and citrus plants).

LECHUZA-PON consists of high-quality, mineral stones that are free from contamination and pollutants.

LECHUZA-PON has an ideal air / water ratio for plants (45% water/55% air). It also reduces a plant's vulnerability to diseases. Even after years, this structurally-stable plant substrate does not condense and keeps its air-permeable structure. LECHUZA-PON can be used for years without needing to be replaced!

When producing LECHUZA-PON, multiple sievings minimize the amount of fine particles in the substrate. This prevents an increase of silt in the root area and sustains long-lasting capillary action.

The included zeolite maintains the ideal pH balance in your LECHUZA planter to allow for healthy plant growth. Macro- and micronutrients remain permanently available.

LECHUZA-PON has continuous capillary action, drawing water up into the planter. Even undergrowth and small rooted plants get the perfect amount of water this way.

The LECHUZA plant substrate provides a balanced distribution of nutrients to the roots of your plant. Through this supply, the plant builds a consistent, compact root dispersion and can grow into a robust plant that will stay with you for a long time.

LECHUZA-PON is like a buffer that absorbs excess fertilizer and gives it back to the plant when needed. This natural nutrient storage prevents the burning of the roots through overfertilizing.

LECHUZA-PON has an adjusted bulk weight. Your plant is firmly supported within the planter, which is important for larger plants. LECHUZA-PON ensures that your LECHUZA planter remains stable and is also perfectly suited for use outdoors.

The substrate is a natural odor absorber for things like dead roots.

Heavy metals and pollutants (e.g. from the water) are permanently linked.

The purely mineral-based plant substrate blocks fungi that can attack the roots. Therefore, PON is suited for people who suffer from allergies. It can also prevent bugs such as gnats, since they typically only nest in soil.

PON is free-flowing and can be used with a shovel to fill planters in place of dirt.

When planting with LECHUZA-PON, you don't need to completely free the root ball from the soil.

LECHUZA-PON Components

  • Zeolite
  • German washed pumice
  • German, light Lava (permanently supplies your plant with iron)
  • Fully-coated, premium-quality fertilizer.
    • The coating is purely organize and breaks down without leaving any residue.
    • The fertilizer supplies your plant with nutrients for up to 6 months.
    • Fit for all plants, including foliage, flowering plants like orchids, citrus plants, herbs, tomatoes, fruit trees, cacti, and more.
Professional quality
Professional quality
Natural raw materials
Natural raw materials
Optimal root ventilation
Optimal root ventilation
Nutrient and water storage
Nutrient and water storage
Product information
  • Suitable for all houseplants
  • Ensures healthy plants
  • Original
  • Pre-fertilized for 6-8 months
  • 100% peat-free to protect nature
  • Purely mineral
  • Volume stable - the substrate does not compact and retains its air-permeable structure
  • Optimal root aeration
  • High drainage ability prevents waterlogging
  • Stores nutrients and releases them as needed
  • Prevents pest infestation and mold formation
  • Particularly suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Recyclable
  • Natural raw materials
  • Professional quality
  • Made in Germany
Planting instructions

Step 1:

Add the LECHUZA-PON plant substrate (included with the pots) as a drainage layer on the separating base in the pot. This is important so the water can be transported from the reservoir to the plant.
Then pour a thin layer of the desired substrate into the container. Just enough to give your plant the right height in the container.

Step 2:

Place the plant in your planter. The roots do not need to be completely removed from the soil.

Step 3:

Fill the container completely with the substrate of your choice, e.g. using the PON shovel.

Step 4:

For the first 12 weeks, water your plant as usual from above, directly onto the substrate. Only water as much as the plant can absorb. Make sure that there is as little water as possible in the reservoir.
After this watering phase, you can water your plant via the water shaft. For pots without a LECHUZA watering system, the plant continues to be watered from above. You can find more information here: https://www.lechuza.us/how-to-plant-in-lechuza/sp-planting.html