With plenty of room to spread out, it’s no wonder lofts are so popular and highly coveted in the real estate market.
Their spacious rooms and unfinished concrete walls are the perfect backdrop for prominent plants in deep shades of green.

High up

- but still homely

High ceilings create an almost breathtaking expanse. But, this can also quickly make a room seem cold and uninviting. The solution: High shelves, pictures, or even high-growing or climbing plants, such as the schefflera.

Indoor Jungle

Loft jungle made easy

Green spots of color

Living with more than two plants can wind up being a lot of work, but not with LECHUZA!
Discover our unique watering system!
Plants naturally know best how much water they need for optimal growth. Simply fill the water reservoir and put up your feet! The water level indicator clearly shows how long the water supply will last.