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geobra Brandst├Ątter Stiftung & Co. KG is a production and sales company within the Horst Brandst├Ątter Group. geobra is world-famous for the production of the PLAYMOBIL system toy and the high-quality planters of the Lechuza brand.
Certificate environmental management system
Certificate ISO 14001:2015

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Certificate ISO 50001:2018

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In the manufacture of all our products, we are committed to the responsible use of the resources required for the production process and the impact on the environment. With successful certification under DIN EN ISO 14001 we introduced a joint Environmental Management System for our Playmobil and Lechuza brands. With focus on our responsibilities towards resource conservation and efficient use of energy we have supplemented our Environmental Management System by an Energy Management System according to DIN EN ISO 50001. The following principles of our Environmental and Energy Policy form the foundation for on-going Environmental and Energy Management System processes:
  1. The self-evident and obligatory compliance with all legal requirements and binding obligations is our minimum standard. Where possible it is our aim to exceed these.

  2. Continual improvement of our productionÔÇÖs environmental impact based on concrete objectives in order to protect our natural resources and to avoid pollution. This also includes a long term reduction of our energy consumption and enhancement of our energy efficiency.

  3. We consider energy efficiency in our purchase processes of new facilities, products and services, which are destined to improve our energy related performance.

  4. We train our employees to make them aware of how their work impacts on the environment and to use energy in a responsible way.

  5. We involve our suppliers and sub-contractors in our Environmental Management System so that they can also conserve the required resources and take advantage of potentials for conservation and reusability.

The Management as well as the employees of our company are committed to this Environmental and Energy Policy. We commit ourselves to actively take part in applying the principles of our Environmental and Energy Management System and following our aim to continuously improve environmental performance and energy efficiency. We work together to implement this so that children may continue to grow up and play in a healthy and liveable environment.

January 2022
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