Welcoming autumn

Eye-catching seasonal plants

By the end of summer, geraniums, petunias, and other colorful summer plants have usually already passed the time of their most beautiful bloom.. But this does not mean that the garden, terrace, and balcony have to remain bare and dreary.

Evergreen plants, grasses, and seasonal plantings provide a cozy ambience even in autumn and allow you to extend the outdoor season even longer.

Cubico & Balconera
Cubico & Balconera

Chic autumn planting

Cared for in harsh weather

The LECHUZA planters from the Cottage and Color Collection easily complement the design of the autumn garden. Since they are made of weather-resistant plastic, they can be used outdoors all year round.

Now in the planters will not be boring at all:

Winter-hardy plants take the place of summer flowers and bring variety and new shades of color into the autumn garden. Heather, colorful snowberries, hardy grasses, and perennials are the perfect choice for this season. Together with ornamental pumpkins, lanterns and other fall accessories, the outdoor area becomes an eye-catcher through the winter season.

ornamental pumpkins

Autumn decorations with LECHUZA

Colorful accents for feel-good moments

A colorful, autumn table. Nature provides the best inspiration, because here you can find the best materials for table decorations!

With its spherical shape, the PURO table planter is the perfect choice for Halloween decorations. From bright blood orange to subtle sandy brown, you can find the right shade for holiday decorating. For an eerily beautiful Halloween decoration, simply combine it with a self-carved, spooky pumpkin and this eery, fall decoration is ready.


Colorful leaves, shiny chestnuts, fragrant moss, and pieces of bark and wood bring individual charm to the table. Complemented with decorative pumpkins, this autumn decoration is perfect.

Cozy Home
Cozy Home

The planters from the Color Collection by LECHUZA are trendy and their timeless natural and gray tones last from season to season, becoming stylish decor that are planted with varying seasonal plants. Whether it's bright-orange autumn flowers or houseplants in berry tones, the planters bring a touch of autumn indoors.

Time for comfort

Now it's getting cozy!

In autumn, nature has an array of colors: from bright orange, intense red and warm brown tones, everything is here. With a few colorful accents and autumnal plants, you can create a simple and creative decoration that creates a cozy atmosphere and brings cheer on gray days.

creative decoration

Planters for colorful autumn planting: