What’s more exciting than vacation?

With LECHUZA your plants care for themselves

We packed our bags and took: sunglasses, bathing suits and time to unwind.
We’ll take care of your plants: Simply fill the LECHUZA water reservoir before you go and your plants will receive all the water they need for healthy growth.


Leave home relaxed

Give your neighbor a break from watering


This year everything is different - thanks to the LECHUZA water reservoir your neighbor won’t have to water your plants while you’re on vacation. Download our vacation postcard here and toss it in your favorite neighbor’s mailbox: with warm greetings and many thanks for their help in the past.

Our tip: Make sure your plants stay protected when you’re away from home. Just bring your plants inside or place them next to an outside wall for protection. Many LECHUZA planters have invisible indentations for the LECHUZA coaster - so you can easily move even the heaviest plants.

Plants that care for themselves even on hot days

Your plant’s leaves won’t droop even when you’re on vacation: The large water reservoir integrated in LECHUZA-PURO prevents water shortages and its stylish spherical shape gives you so many plantscaping options for your yard.
By the way: Our largest planters feature water reservoirs with up to 27 liters!


A little refreshment for your plants

Smart system

The LECHUZA irrigation system has so many benefits: The water reservoir ensures a balanced water supply for healthy plant growth. But there’s no need to worry about waterlogging - your plant will receive the exact amount of water it needs.


Staycation on Balconia

Why travel to distant lands when “Balconia” is so close...Treat yourself to a vacation at home and begin your special day with a sunny summer breakfast.
The LECHUZA BALCONERAs will supply your balcony plants with plenty of water in the meantime - making your staycation twice as fun.

Open-air living room

Life is beautiful outside

Here’s how you can easily create small oases of relaxation in your backyard: Colorful flowering plants in the CUBE LS Color offer a shady spot for a little break outdoors. A small snack and your favorite newspaper are the perfect way to complete your mini-vacation away from the stress of everyday life.


Mediterranean flair

Enjoy warm summer evenings at home

Bring Italy to your backyard: LECHUZA’s RUSTICO Color creates a Mediterranean setting and reliably supplies lemon trees, hibiscus and co. with water. For you, this means: taking a break from watering, breathing in the fresh summer breeze and leisurely enjoying your vacation evening.

Bring vacation to your home with these products: